We supply to the trade the whole range of Mercedes Benz passenger cars, both left and right hand drives:
A-Class Three and Five-door multi-purpose vehicles
B-Class The new spacious Sports Tourer
C-Class Compact Coupés,  Saloon and Estate cars

E-Class Mid-range Saloon and Estate cars
S-Class Top of the line Saloons
M-Class 4-wheel drive Offroaders
R-Class SUV Tourer
G-Class The classic 4-wheel Cross-country vehicles
GL-Class The massive 4-wheel drive Offroader
CL-Class Top of the line Coupés
CLK-Class Mid ranges coupés and cabriolets

SL-Class Top of the line Roadsters with retractable hardtop
SLK-Class Compact Roadsters with retractable hardtop